The Frankel File

Episode 4:'s Associate Editor deals with the dramatics leading up to Bethenny's big boat ride.

Mar 12, 2012

RaRa’s Infinite Wisdom
RaRa is like a shaman of insight. When Bethenny and Veronica (RaRa as Bryn calls her) go out for margaritas, they go deep. Veronica feels like men don't analyze things, which seems generally true. Bethenny is also sad that Jason's dry humping the air and the romance has gone. Also at issue, farting. Apparently Bethenny and Veronica are having a lot of problems with men passing gas in their presence. The bartender claims he just holds on to the urge if it strikes him -- which is exactly the right answer! Humans of America, if you have to let one loose, go into a private area. Don't do that bit of business in the presence of your beloved. The world is not your fart closet. Your closet isn't even your fart closet. Your bathroom is. Mitgate those to that location as much as you can.

Fight or Flight
And finally, it's time for Jason and Bethenny to actually fly off for the boat cruise. . .unfortunately it’s not a simple toss your weekender bag into the helicopter and get going. Mere moments before the brood is bound to board, Bethenny wants an apology from Jason about the birthday bust up, and things get heated. . .

We’ll have to wait until next week to see what eventually gets Jason on board. Until then what do you think? Will this boat cruise help these to?