The Frankel File

Episode 13:'s Editor hits the slopes for this week's recap.

May 14, 2012

A Slippery Slope
In other Skinnygirl news, the team is ramping up to go to Aspen for the White Cranberry Cosmo launch and Jackie, Jason, and Bethenny are excited -- that is if they can agree to call it skiing or snowboarding. Julie isn't coming, because she has mad senioritis. Instead Bethenny takes Julie to lunch and Julie explains that money hasn't changed Bethenny. Nope, it's just that Bethenny's always been a b---h. Oh Julie, I'll miss you.

Seriously though, it was adorable watching these two kids reminisce. If only we had a photo of Bethenny sans pants giving an interview. . .

Thankfully now Dawa is around to ensure Bethenny dresses herself properly. Dawa is not letting Bethenny leave the house in an outfit that's anything less than a "seven." And Dawa's got a fairly fantastic sense of style. Quite and stylish, what more can you ask for in a nany

Dressed better is Bryn -- she is so cute in her little puffer coat. However, she should wear a little less lipstick. RaRa please give her a make-under.