The Frankel File

Episode 13:'s Editor hits the slopes for this week's recap.

May 14, 2012

At the Skinnygirl shindig, Bethenny take's up on the gondola and, while, taking in all the Apsen sights, begin to reminisce about her younger years. She does miss those days on the Slopes, but now there's no going back. This marks the second time I really wish we could go back to a moment in time in this episode. I would love nothing more than to party with her apr├Ęs ski. And if I was there I would try my best to sound more grateful than Jackie did.

Ski Boyfriends
Once the business end of the trip is over, Bethenny and Jackie can finally take to the boards -- well to the lodge first to grab some gear and a couple of "toys." Yes, within mere moments Bethenny collects a plethora of mountain men (boys). I love that they all have goofy nicknames, like Twizz and Catchy and Mustache of Love (OK, I made that last one up). Of course Bethenny's nickname is "Cougar," whether she likes it or not. . .