The Frankel File

Episode 13:'s Editor hits the slopes for this week's recap.

May 14, 2012

Despite all the flirting, Bethenny is not too distracted to shred. She might be a cougar, but she's a mountain lion on the slopes (Do they say that? Is that a thing anyone says about good skiers/snowboarders?). Of course once the reach the bottom of the mountain, the big game begins as Bethenny continues to flirt with her posse of Skittles-sporting men. As the gang discusses apr├Ęs ski and old balls, Bethenny continues to drive the cougar train. Apparently, the rules for guessing a lady's age are Price is Right-style: you cannot overbid. Cheers to that.

Next week, it's finally happening: Julie final day at Skinnygirl. But before the big goodbye, Bethenny's got a huge surprise in store. Leave your guesses for the big reveal in the comments.