The Frankel File

Episode 11:'s Editor ponders music, haggling, and moving.

Apr 30, 2012

Rah for RaRa
Adding a bit of religious culture to their vacation, the gang visits a chapel at the resort. After debating Bryn's third baptism, RaRa peels off in an emotional tizzy. Ra's missing her family, and then Bethenny assures her that there's a whole other family that's there for her.

Bryn is super lucky to be adored by so many wonderful people, and Bethenny and Veronica are lovely to be in each other's lives.

How delightful was it to see Bethenny squirming during the cooking demonstration? Skinnygirl does not like to wait. However, what was much more delightful was the introduction to newest friend of Bethenny, Liz. Liz firmly believed that Bethenny was Marianne, was unsure where she should be, but was prepared for food. Marianne was drinking a glass of wine roughly the size of my head and ready to enjoy her day at lunch, no matter who she was with. Yay Liz! You eat all the mole sauce, call whoever whatever you choose, and have all the drinks you want. It is vacation right?