The Frankel File

Episode 11:'s Editor ponders music, haggling, and moving.

Apr 30, 2012

Thirty Days
Over margaritas, which is the best way to break any news, Jason drops a little bomb on the group – they have to be out of their current apartment in 30 days. Yipes. Bethenny knows that the timeline is "when donkeys fly" for the new place, so it seems there will need to be some interim living.

Julie's reaction to this shocking news: laughter, because it ain’t her problem!

Less than enthused by the news -– Maggie. It's interesting to see that Maggie looks particularly terrified here (and on the ensuing boat ride). Bethenny Frankel can smell that kind of fear and she doesn't like it. If Maggie can't get her "sherpa" on, it seems like she might not be ready to run with the Skinnygirls.

I will give her some credit and say that boat ride didn't seem like the calm relaxing afternoon anyone had planned. Of course, this begs the question: why do they keep getting on boats?

We’ll have to see if Maggie boards another boat or returns to Skinnygirl HQ again.