The Frankel File

Episode 12:'s Editor discusses the ratio of ladies to men at Lucky Cheng's and Nick's new figure.

May 7, 2012

Just Breathe
And then Bethenny takes Nick to yoga. . .

I can't really hate on Nick's awkwardness, because yoga's hard. I certainly would not have wanted my first time trying to understand the complicated world of cat like stretches broadcast on national television. Particularly because, yes, as Nick learned, the remembering to breath is really hard to do. His face conveyed the lack of relaxation he was having during the exercise. As Bethenny mentioned, the result is a style of yoga we're not particularly used to – something between Bikram and Saw.

Nick however must learn to shake that Saw face off, because as Bethenny explains, going to yoga is like"going to a frozen yogurt store," in terms of the men-to-women ratio. I personally was unaware yogurt shops were such pick up joints (this explains the number of women sitting demurely waiting for someone to pay for the sprinkles on their froyo). I love Nick's rational that maybe you don't want to hit on someone in their post-fitness glow ("Aren't you like vulnerable, you're in your like peaceful place or whatever?"). I kind of agree with him. If I have just worked out all I want is a glass of water and a clear path to the shower, not any sort of a pick-up line.