The Frankel File

Episode 12:'s Editor discusses the ratio of ladies to men at Lucky Cheng's and Nick's new figure.

May 7, 2012

Devil's in the Details

After all that caterwauling, Jason and Bethenny decide to stay in the apartment. Jason's kind of killing it with the project managing, going to prove (once again) that he'd be great working on Team Skinnygirl.

However, all those projects he's managing aren't cheap. Installing ridiculously solid sheets of marable aren't exactly a gratis project. Someone has to be paid to give the tile the love and attention it needs at all times. The bathroom is going to be the Taj Mahal, and cost about as much so so be it. Painting the apartment is going to cost a fortune, however, who cares. As Stephen said, "tell me if you feel special." And how could Bethenny not feel special in that apartment.

Next week the gang leaves the apartment for Aspen -- and finds that the young men are loving what Bethenny's selling. Until then, leave your thoughts on Bethenny and Jason working together in the comments.