The Frankel File

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor discuses Bethenny's many classes and clashes this week.

Mar 26, 2012

Hello Bethenny fans! We're back on dry land this week and there was lots happening, including what I know we’ve all been waiting for -- more Dwayne!

Yes, Dwayne was back in action being hilarious, making up words, and not knowing the exact number of kids he has. But let's start at the very beginning, shall we?

Cookie: Secret Agent Dog
After a lovely dinner with the Skinnygirl team (at which they decided just how fabulous they all are), Bethenny and Julie are hard at work when Cookie's dog-walker Paulo drops by. Paulo explains that Cookie is actually incredibly well behaved at the dog park. Bethenny, having known Cookie for years, does not buy this for a second, and so a couple of blonde wigs and strategically drawn scarves later, she and Julie are at the park surveying the scene.

I will say I expected Cookie to be doing something far more salacious. I pictured her running some sort of doggie gambling ring, or smoking cigarettes with the other dogs, or I don’t know something. But she actually was behaving, which might be the most surprising thing of all.