The Frankel File

Episode 6:'s Associate Editor discuses Bethenny's many classes and clashes this week.

Mar 26, 2012

TMJ leads to TMI
Post-boat cruise, Bethenny and Jason are feeling the love -- so much so that Jason's air humps and Bethenny's dental hygiene regime aren't going to hold them back from getting busy, or at least from talking about it for a while.
This entire scene was really precious, and a great reminder that these two kids really love each other. Also a great reminder that good dental hygiene is important. I should have never thrown out my retainer y'all.

Closet Case
Of all the things that Bethenny shares with us, her openness with her OCD always amazes me. If I was using that many freezer bags outside of packing lunch or leftovers, I might keep it to myself. Also Bethenny has 50 swimsuits! 50! Think about that for a second, particularly that she doesn't live in a place where she goes to the beach every day (Yes, she hits the Hamptons but even then that's just in the summer).
Needless to say, her time with the closet lady was an eye-opening experience, particularly because we got to see that Jason is like every man in America -- a change-hoarding person with taste worse than you even imagined.

An Ode to Mariette
I just want to take a second to say how much I adore Bethenny's designer Mariette. The women just seems a cool, steely force of awesomeness. Navigating through Bethenny's manic attitude while casually dropping hints like an abiding love of all cocktails. How can you not want more of that? Let's get her and the Venfield guys together for drinks soon. I can see Mariette telling incredible tales of her youth with a martini in one hand and one of those hairless pooches in another.