The Frankel File

Episode 14:'s Editor talks about keeping up your side of the street and Spanish lessons.

May 21, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is
Bethenny and Jason take another visit to their future abode, and see that things are progressing nicely. As classy as the whole affair is going to end up being, they're still keeping it real with an Ikea dresser. Much respect for your frugality and love of fine Swedish furniture Hoppys.

They've worked through the apartment issues and, moreover, their issues and are in a great place. They are different people, and that's why it works. The differences in personality and family upringing have made them the family they are. They're accepting each other and living like they just met and fell in love, which was a pretty blissful time if you recall.

Next week is the big finale which includes three huge moments -– the big reveal of the finished apartment (hopefully with lots of Brooke Gomez giving the grand tour), the big reveal of Bethenny's secret (the one she's all curled up in Bryn's room sneaking around about), and Julie's big departure from the team. I hope you'll remember to have some tissues on hand. Until then, leave your favorite moments from the season in your comments -- and check our gallery of the big events to see our choices.