The Frankel File

Episode 8:'s Editor ponders living in a post-Plake world (and children's toilets).

Apr 9, 2012

Hey Bethenny fans. How you holding up? Are you as devastated as I am to be living in a post-Plake world (well almost, we still have her for a bit). Let's get to cap-ing, shall we?

Pittsburgh-town Julie Brown
We open with a doozy -- Julie has decided to head back and move towards marriage and building a life with her gent. I think we all saw shades of this coming over the website meeting breakdown, but it is crazy to think of Team Skinnygirl sans Julie. Who else would be willing to hold a silver bucket for Bethenny to pee in moments before her wedding? Even Jason looked shocked and appalled.

But there's a fleet of young gals ready to Coordinate the Chaos in her place. If Maggie and stop crying she'll be a great help. Jackie will step up to COC level. And if Jason wants, he can be the official SkinnyGuy. However, it remains to be seen if that's the right thing for them as a couple.

Tales of the Tail
I want to talk for a second about the signature ponytail. Bethenny looked like she was going to jump out of her skin while they were trying to do her tail. And I agree with her, the ponytail needs to be especailly smooth if you're going to mimic the one on the bottle. The only other option would be to just drink enough that you think you're ponytail looks exactly like the one on the bottle. . .