The Frankel File

Episode 8:'s Editor ponders living in a post-Plake world (and children's toilets).

Apr 9, 2012

Toilet Humor

Jason, Bethenny, and the princess potty -- truly a fairytale for our times. Every ending is a happy one with that soundtrack.

In the midst of all the changes, Bethenny starts getting a little stressed. She's worried about Jackie taking the reins of the situation and when the s--t will hit the fan. Bethenny admits that she's getting a little cold and compartmentalized about Julie leaving the nest. She's been at Skinnygirl since the early days, and it's going to be tough changing how the whole gang functions. But if there's anything that Bethenny can do, it's adapt. They'll be fine -- even Julie.

Next week, Jason wonders if the ring didn't mean a thing. But before then, what do you guys think? Should he and Bethenny get into business together? Or is it time to draw some lines?