Bethenny's newly Skinnyguy updates on his life (and his love life). Tell us a little bit about how you lost the weight and got in shape? What inspired you to do so?

Nick: I lost the weight (about 60 to 65 pounds) with a modified low-carb diet and a little exercise, mostly walking and yoga. What inspired me was just that I had had a lot of bad dates and bad luck. I had always told myself that I could lose 20 pounds to be more attractive or healthy, and I guess I just decided one day, "Yeah, let's try." I just wanted to know I wasn't full of it. It was hard at first, and you feel more insecure when you're losing weight (not less), but relatively easy after a while. And now here I am. What did you think of the yoga class? Have you done yoga since?
Nick: Yes. I do yoga around three to four times a week now. It's actually really changed my life. I was given a free membership after I took the class, and I started going and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the attitude of being in the moment and showing kindness to yourself and others. Now I just do it for fun and for the good feeling I get afterwards. If you’ve been going to yoga since then, have you taken Bethenny’s advice and met any women there?

Nick: No. Not a lot of ladies my own age there in my classes and not a lot of opportunity I've seen for conversation. Maybe I'm missing something.