Bethenny's newly Skinnyguy updates on his life (and his love life). What are you looking for in a girlfriend?
Nick: Couldn't really say until I met her. I'm looking for a nice emotional connection with someone. Sharing something with them (a sense of humor, interests) but also really wanting to know more about them. Talent, passion, a relatable life philosophy: these are all great things too. Physical attraction is usually the baseline or a gatekeeper for that (though that too can shift or change based on a number of factors) but people who I don't see anything in common with, that I don't want to know, rarely interest me, attractive as they might be. What else are you up to right now? Are you still writing for Bethenny? Any other places we can read your musings?
Nick: No ideas. Currently unemployed, sadly except for the odd freelance gig, sometimes for Bethenny, sometimes for other sites. I do a lot of comedy over at the Magnet and Upright Citizens Brigade theaters right now, which is a lot of fun -- a lot of improv and sketch. I enjoy that and yoga and writing about food and otherwise, but I'm not really sure how to make money off of any of that. Ideas, anyone? Until then, check me out at