Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny talks Costco shopping sprees, raging hormones and Jason's proposal.

on Jun 24, 2010


I live for bulk stores in general, but Costco is, as I said, my religion. There are always all of these random great finds there, from king crab legs to dried blueberries. You definitely need to have a big household or split with a friend. It is best to buy there when having a large party or purchase what you use on an ongoing basis. I buy things like paper towels,whole wheat pasta, olive oil, butter, Metamucil, Clorox wipes, organic juices, blocks of Parmesan etc. They have great produce, but it can go bad quickly. Some things you can buy and freeze.

I love doing public appearances. I have the most incredible, genuine fans. I always say "know your audience" and I know mine: honest, hard-working people who want to improve their lives every day.

The Costco event wasn't promoted at all, and my publisher really pushed me to do the event. Is it bad to say that I was secretly excited that it had a lame turnout? I was hormonal and exhausted, and I was thrilled to just shop.

Meeting Rosie really just served as much needed comic relief. I can't say that I garnered any earth shattering knowledge. However, my friend Jake and I were loopy and I really needed that laugh. Hormones, hormones, hormones!

I think that my drive has been partially to prove something to my father and partially because I know what it feels like to stress and scramble for money. I used to panic about my rent, have to scramble to pay for any and everything, and it was very scary.