Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny talks Costco shopping sprees, raging hormones and Jason's proposal.

on Jun 24, 2010


That's how it began. Now that the train has left the station and I'm on the path, work really inspires and excites me. I've helped women to get in shape, be independent, start their own businesses and that is addictive. I just love to continue coming up with practical, affordable solutions to make life easier. In short, passion and security are what make me work so hard. I'm definitely hard on myself, but I'm hard on others too. Good enough simply isn't good enough.

The night Jason proposed, I was on my phone leaving a skinnygirl margarita bottle signing and photo shoot and I walked into my apartment. When I saw all of the candles in the dark room, I hung up and got excited and overwhelmed. Cookie was wearing a rhinestone bow and Jason was in a suit. He got on his knee, cried, and said he found me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. There were rose petals scattered everywhere, a bouquet and non-alcoholic champagne because I was preggers. Then we went to Jean Georges for dinner. Right before we left I cleaned up the red rose petals and had to start spraying Resolve because they were staining my carpet. I'm a lunatic. I know. Note to self: White rose petals when proposing. LOL.

AC was really fun. It was more about Jason, which made me happy. I wanted him to have his bachelor party and enjoy his time with friends. I had fun, but was preoccupied by my book and all of the details in planning the wedding.

I'm so happily married now and I'm one hundred million percent sure about marrying my husband.

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