Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny thanks fans for their support of her new "reality sitcom" and talks walking the runway at five months pregnant.

on Jun 10, 2010


Thank you so much to my fans who have taken this journey with me. You are the reason why Bravo gave me a show and why I am so successful. I put my heart and soul into this show and left nothing on the field. I am trusting you with my personal life.

Bethenny Getting Married? is a complete departure from Housewives. It is emotional and dramatic, yet very cute and funny. I think of it as a reality sitcom. I'm so proud of it, and I can't get over all of the incredible reviews. This really is so exciting.

The Red Dress Fashion Show was such an honor. I felt humbled by being asked to walk for such a great cause in such impressive company. The heels didn't really concern me as much as looking like a moron walking down the runway. It really was a fun and incredible experience.

Jason is well adjusted, kind, and a team player. He supports me and my show because it is for our family. He really never liked being on the Housewives. Jason comes from such a great family (who you will meet) so his feet are firmly planted in the ground.

I decided to hire Max because he gave a good interview. He seemed to be a go-getter, a self starter who could get the job done.

I love living downtown more than I can tell you. Every weekend Jason and I take walks to different fun neighborhoods to explore great restaurants and shops. I love it!