Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny gives more details on the birth of baby Bryn, and reveals the name she would have chosen for a boy.

on Jul 23, 2010


The baby CPR class made me realize how alert and aware you constantly need to be and how many details there are to focus on. It is astounding to me how many things there are to learn and how many women are such great multi-taskers. It is all so overwhelming. My hat goes off to all the moms across America. I learn from you every day. I still have yet to take Bryn into a car service and buckle her in, FYI.

To say that I was worried about Cookie and the baby is a gross understatement. Terrified is more the word. However, I have faith in her. She would kill for her family. It's strangers she hates. She's very complicated and should work for the CIA on security detail.

Max is definitely a little bit of a challenge. He's 24 going on 16, and somehow just doesn't seem to get it. He always seems to be confused. I wonder if he grew up a bit sheltered which is difficult for me to relate to.

I didn't really panic when my water broke. I was more neurotic and obsessive compulsive. There were so many details and we weren't remotely prepared. I also wanted to be in the moment. It was so much fun and really exciting. The whole journey of childbirth was incredible.

Julie is the greatest gift to my life and business. She has come into her own and holds it all together. She is the glue in my household and office. Jason, Cookie, Bryn and I depend upon her.

I really didn't consider calling my mother. This was such a pure, magical time, and I was determined to bring my baby into a better world than I had. I didn't think of myself. I just thought of my unborn child.