Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny talks skinny dipping, hunting iguanas, decorating the baby's nursery, and concerns about motherhood.

on Jul 16, 2010


Jason and I had no clue whatsoever about what to do with a baby, but I suppose you just jump in. We're not the first nor the last. I was most nervous about my life never being the same again.

I didn't read any books on what to expect because I didn't want to imagine all of the ailments and issues. I just wanted to have an unbiased opinion and face challenges as they came. However, I'm the first one to ask or research something I need to answer or feel is a concern.

Knowing me, I'm sure that I'll write some book on babies or pregnancy or motherhood. I write about everything.

My advice on decorating the baby's nursery is to buy the essentials only. You will get blankets and stuffed animals and tons of clothes. Keep it simple because it gets cluttered. You all know stuff overwhelms me.

Jason loved the nude pregnancy pics. I'm so happy I endured feeling so uncomfortable for him.