Julie Plake

Julie talks liquor signings, finding the perfect wedding gift, and her heartfelt toast!

on Jul 1, 2010


It is getting CLOSER and CLOSER to the wedding day, and you can tell that everyone is on edge. I was just trying to stay organized, keep Bethenny on schedule and be very calm about everything.

However, even with all of the wedding planning and baby planning, Bethenny still had a business to run, and the liquor signing you see in this week's episode is just one part of the biz. I have been to many appearances with Bethenny, but the liquor signing was the first of its kind. She is usually signing books! When we arrived, I could not believe how packed it was. Bethenny really shines at these types of events. Her witty and funny comments were a real crowd-pleaser, and she stayed to sign every last bottle. I think that Max had it right when he did the impression of Bethenny. Sometimes you can't win to lose with her. If he would have gotten a girls number she would have complained and yet when he did not, she questioned him. I try to always be all about business at work, so I glad Max tried to take that approach at this appearance.

I remember the moment where Bethenny had the idea to get Jason the Romero Britto painting. I was in the office and she screamed to me from her bedroom that she had the perfect wedding gift for Jason. I am sure that I was typing emails and listening out of one ear, but when she came in and explained the story about the painting to me, I knew that Jason would love it. I was happy that Bethenny had found such a personal and touching gift for him. Sometimes it is so tough to think of a gift for the person you love.

Am I scared for Shawn and the cake situation? Yes. I know the wrath of Bethenny. The cake better be PERFECT!

I am so lucky that Bethenny wants me to be such a part of the important days in her life. The bridal shower at Bagatelle in New York was SO much fun. It was great to be around all of the important women in Bethenny's life and have them all let loose and have a good time. I loved dancing, eating and chatting with the girls, and not (really) having to think about work. Although all of my friends will disagree, saying that I am "always working."