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Max Meisel

Summing It All Up

Max talks baby clothes shopping, stealing a massage spot, back rubs, and bros.

Dates and Divas

Max talks about his botched attempt to pick up Kristen, and his near fist fight with Robert Verdi.

The Return of the Panty Picker!

Max talks about his crush on Kristen, dating advice from Bethenny, picking panties, and building bassinets!

An Introspective Week

With the newlyweds on their honeymoon, Max shares what was going on back home in the city.

Bump and Grind

Max applauds Shawn's work, sympathizes with Julie, and recaps who got down on the dance floor.

The Untouchable Smorgasbord

Max reveals why he wasn't chasing the ladies, even after the green light from Bethenny.

The Panty Picker

Max talks about rifling around in Bethenny Frankel's underwear drawer.