Max Meisel

Max applauds Shawn's work, sympathizes with Julie, and recaps who got down on the dance floor.

on Jul 8, 20100


Before I say anything, I need to laud Shawn Rabideau. In a mere 28 days, the guy was able to book a wedding at one of the most sought after venues in New York City with specifics that could turn an OCD person normal. He accomplished all of this, mind you, with his nuts in a vice, with a dog that bites him every time he steps foot in the house, and with a woman who is more difficult to please than a girl on the show My Super Sweet 16. Shawn deserves a medal, he deserves a hug, and he deserves a vacation because he went above and beyond what was asked of him in the most difficult of circumstances. The odds were stacked against him and he came through, simple as that. My responsibilities include running around the city to take care of Bethenny's personal needs. Shawn was responsible for organizing, to date, one of the most important nights of Bethenny and Jason's life.

I couldn't help but feel sorry for Julie while she held Bethenny's pee bucket. I'm usually the one stuck in those kinds of situations! I'm glad my assistant powers weren't needed at that time.

After the night was over, I told Jason it was the best frat party I've ever attended. Jason's friends were animals! It was as if each of his friends had a specific role on the dance floor. One guy did all kinds of high kicks, one guy did the worm, one guy break danced, and one all-star jumped into the pool, as you saw. Only at a Frankel/Hoppy wedding! But on a serious note, Jason has an amazing circle of friends and family, and they all have tons of love for each other. I hung out with them until 4:30 in the morning, dancing and drinking at a nearby bar. They’re a blast. Total bros.

And for those of you who were wondering... I grinded my ass off! I grinded with Stacey (Bethenny’s hot blond hair stylist), Sonia (the make-up artist), Ramona and Alex - hell, I think I even grinded with Simon.

Real DJ
Real DJ

Hi Max, Congrats on your position with Bethanny & household.

Unlike most of the other commentors, I'm not a huge fan of you yet, but I hope you will be able to change that opinion. My choice of an assistant for Bethanny would have been one of the gay guys she interviewed -- the one who seemed to know a lot more about the city and where to find great things, and had a more outgoing personality. Having a gay assistant would have been a huge asset to Bethanny & Jason's and would have fit better into their wild and crazy life.

Watching the episodes so far, it appears you have a LOT to learn about organizing and taking care of things for busy Bethanny. You don't seem to be trying very hard to please, and rolling your eyes when she asks you to do something is getting pretty old.

But, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you can pull through! Beth needs somebody with a lot more incentive than you are showing right now, so step it up. Best of luck!