Max Meisel

Max talks about being tossed into the middle of MILF-land, his slow dance with Bethenny, and more.

on Jun 17, 2010

But seriously, I should have been more focused. Bethenny hired me because I told her I was on the ball and one step ahead of things. Calling the car to pick us up after the event had ended as opposed to fifteen minutes prior demonstrated the exact opposite of being one step ahead. I appreciated how Bethenny responded, though. She was well within her rights to lose her patience and chew me out, however, she was quite calm and instructive which I was grateful for given how careless I was.

By the way ... the jolly green Jew, Elvira, was nuts.

I didn’t mean to make Bethenny and Shawn feel old during our slow dance. I guess I shot myself in the foot just by opening up my mouth. How do people a decade, two decades older than me dance when they go out? Certainly not like the way we do now, I figured. These are the things that keep me tossing and turning while I lay in bed at night.
With the wedding a mere four weeks away, the mayhem has just begun.