Max Meisel

Max talks about his first day on the job as Bethenny's new assistant!

on Jun 10, 2010


When I applied for the job to be Bethenny's new assistant, I felt I was way out of my element and outside my comfort zone. I knew I’d be working on things and with people I’d never been around before. I played football at Syracuse University, I eat like a pig, and I hang with the bros. The world of healthy recipes, low calorie alcohol, and women’s fashion wasn’t exactly my bag, baby. But these new aspects of the job really excited me, as I take a lot of pride in being thrown into unfamiliar waters and finding a way to swim. I never watched Real Housewives, so I didn’t really know much about Bethenny. I did my homework about who she is and the various businesses she’s involved in, which I think gave me a huge edge because I wasn’t just some fan of 'Bethenny from The Real Housewives of New York.' I was a hungry kid looking for a job.

My interview certainly began interestingly. She thought I was hot and I thought I should have gotten a haircut. She asked if I sleep around and I wondered what my sexual promiscuity (or lack thereof) had to do with my capabilities as an assistant. I started to think I was being interviewed for something much different than becoming her assistant.

I understood Jason’s reservations about not wanting some straight, fresh out of college kid working for Bethenny. My meeting with him wasn’t intimidating, however, I understood his need to be firm in laying the ground rules and addressing some things.

When Bethenny asked if I think about sex non-stop, the first thing I did was look at Jason before looking back to Bethenny. It was literally my fourth minute on the job ... let's just say I believe I answered appropriately.

Fist pounds are a staple in the bro community, and this is something Bethenny will have to get used to. I think Jason realized the upside of having me around - he would get a piece of his manhood back, something I’m sure he’d been missing as a result of being around Julie, Bethenny, Cookie, and Skinnygirl Margaritas all the time.