Max Meisel

Max talks about his crush on Kristen, dating advice from Bethenny, picking panties, and building bassinets!

on Jul 22, 2010


So that's where I've been these last two weeks… getting a haircut!

Yes, that late car a couple weeks ago at the JCC event was all a result of me scurrying over to a nice Jewish girl to get her phone number. I chose to tell Bethenny about it only after I went on a date with her because I wanted to have something to show for it. While Bethenny and Jason were on their honeymoon, the Bat Mitzvah and I went to Shake Shack on our first date. I know - I'm such a romantic. It was actually her idea and I certainly wasn't going to oppose. How can you not love a girl who can scarf down a burger!?

Now as for Kristen Farrell, Kristen is a girl who owns a jewelry shop in Soho. Bethenny has a great relationship with her and her family and always gets tons of jewelry there, including her and Jason's engagement rings. As a result, I am constantly running back and forth to Kristen's store picking up and dropping off different items. She's got style, she's a talent artist, and she's always joking around about something, which totally catches my attention before I even acknowledge how pretty she is. I would love to take this girl on a date and we've made enough small talk to convince me it wouldn't completely take her by surprise, however, I'd like to get Bethenny's input as to how I should go about it. I was hoping Bethenny would play matchmaker to make things easier, however, I've had a Bar Mitzvah and with that I know I need to carry out the responsibilities of being a man - which include asking girls on dates without the help of my boss. I trust Bethenny's advice and she is a great source when I need the girl perspective, but she was quite confusing when she gave me the Skinnygirl dish on how I should approach Kristen. At first she told me not to be too confident, then she said to be confident, and I was just befuddled as all hell. I need to be thinking what everyone else is probably thinking, "Man up and just f*ckin' do it!"