Max Meisel

Max talks about his crush on Kristen, dating advice from Bethenny, picking panties, and building bassinets!

on Jul 22, 2010

With baby business suddenly thrust upon the family, the responsibility of tying up some necessary loose ends is assigned to me. The Panty Picker is back ladies and gentlemen! But in the heat of fluster, Julie forgot to mention vital information regarding my underwear buying endeavor... size, type, color, to name a few. Who knew there were so many options: boyshorts, thongs, g-strings, granny panties, etc. I also have to consider color. I remember an array of pinks and blacks from the last time I had to dig in that treasure trove so I'm thinking I want to add some variety to her repertoire. Just when I thought it couldn't get more baffling, my confusion peaked when I had to decide on a size. It was a guessing game based on what I thought her size might be and what size wouldn't offend her. I erred on a smaller size because I didn't want her to think she was overweight as a result of my panty picking missteps. I even threw in a nice pair for Jason to enjoy!

Thank God Julie was there to help me put the bassinet together. You would think that building something would be an easy task compared to my panty grab bag, but with all the dress steaming and bag-toting I've been doing I guess I lost some of my masculinity. Let's hope I can get it back before I ask Kristen on a date.