Shawn Rabideau

Shawn recalls the day Bethenny gave birth to baby Bryn, and applauds Jason, Max and Julie for thier help and support!

on Jul 22, 2010


I was in stitches watching Bethenny takes her CPR class on this week's episode. As a former babysitter (yes, I was, that's how I made money in junior high and high school) I knew what she was going through all too well. One never ever wants to use what they've learned, and (being a former boy scout) one always wants to be prepared. So I was happy to see she was learning, although I am surprised she didn't ask me to join in on the class.

I have to give kudos to both Julie and Max! Having worked with both of them on the wedding I have no doubt they took control of the situation for Bethenny and Jason during this exciting and scary time. While Jason was calling his buddies and Bethenny was multitasking and trying to give orders, it was refreshing to see Julie step in and take control of the situation. She is one of the most level-headed women I have met. She is there to get the job done and quite frankly she doesn't care about the fluff. She puts Bethenny and Jason's needs 100% before her own. She always has their best interest in mind. Without her I think Bethenny and Jason would still be trying to pack to head to the hospital. Her focus puts mine to shame! Seriously without her, Cookie would have been left to get the nursery in order. Now that's something I want to see!

And Max - what can we say about Max? He is by far one of the kindest people I have ever met. He is hard worker who aims to please. When Julie asked Max to go pick up the bassinet and underwear I nearly fell on the floor laughing! That poor guy gets put in some of the most crazy situations, and I thought helping Bethenny pee in a bucket took the cake! You try purchasing post-prego panties for your boss! I can't even imagine what that poor guy was thinking when he was at the salon. In a way it was an uphill battle, he was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. You can see when talking with Bethenny he is a true gentleman trying to navigate his way through bachelorhood. There's an innocence about him that makes him charming. I know someday he is going to find the right lady. In a way, I see Max as a young Jason. I have no doubt that he too will make a great husband and father in the near future and I wish him all the best and success in the world!

I think we all should give Jason a standing ovation! Seriously, could he be more supportive, proud and happy to call Bethenny his wife? He went above and beyond for her; sitting by her side coaxing and encouraging her. And you could tell that if he could have taken her pain away, he would have. I know he was just doing his job as a husband and father to be, but there was something about it ... he was a peacock, protective and proud.