Shawn Rabideau

Shawn recalls the day Bethenny gave birth to baby Bryn, and applauds Jason, Max and Julie for thier help and support!

on Jul 22, 2010


It was around noon in early May and while prepping for a client's wedding I took a break to check out the news, gossip and such on the Web and what I saw made my heart drop. Breaking News: Reports Bethenny Frankel in Labor! I was like what the hell! She's not due for another five weeks! Immediately I was concerned for Bethenny and the baby's health. With today's technology, delivering five weeks early shouldn't be a concern, but you never know. Unlike others (such as the press and other "celebrities") I chose to do what others didn't, give them their space and peace so they could experience the birth of their child together out of the limelight. After all it really wasn't anyone's business but their own.

When news broke again that they had a healthy child (amid varied reports of the babies sex) out of respect for Bethenny and Jason's privacy I opted to email Julie to let her know that I was thinking of them, wishing them a lifetime of happiness. A few moments later I received an email from Mommy herself stating that they were beyond happy and one day she would love for me meet baby Bryn. A tear came to my eye. I am not sure why, but it did.

I think it was tear of happiness because Bethenny's dreams all came true. She had the man she loved dearly, the wedding she always dreamed of, and a baby to complete the family she always wanted. Who couldn't shed a tear of happiness for that?