Shawn Rabideau

Shawn Rabideau shares the whirlwind story of how he came to be Bethenny's go-to wedding planner!

on Jun 21, 2010

When it came to the wedding dress, Bethenny wanted something classic that would show off the "bump." She wanted to embrace the bump, and why not? She was pregnant after all, a product of the love she and Jason felt. When I met Carol, Jason's mom, I immediately saw the joy she was feeling. She clearly embraced Bethenny and she was a beaming mother-in-law and grandmother to be. There was love and it showed. Bethenny was at ease in Carol's presence and Carol was obviously the mother and family that Bethenny never had. It was at that moment that I was able to know Bethenny just a bit more. My nerves were settling.

When Bethenny put on the dress, Bethenny, Carol, Amsale and I all knew it was the right one. It was perfect and I finally understood Bethenny's style and taste. This was a clear moment for me and I hoped the experience we shared would make planning the wedding easier for both of us moving forward.

What we covered in the first week we would normally cover in a month or two, and it was clear the wedding planning was taking its toll on Bethenny. It was also clear that I had to step up more than I ever had before. For any critic out there, I challenge you to plan a wedding in four weeks, to get to know your client inside and out in 45 minutes and make absolutely no mistakes. I challenge you to put your name on the chopping block - not many would do it, and it was way too late for me to back out.

I may have been off to a rocky start, but I knew in my heart I was ready for the task at hand. I knew I was going to do a fabulous job and in no way was I going to let the stress win.

Two strikes and a third on the way. Only time would tell if I could regain Bethenny’s trust.