Shawn Rabideau

Shawn talks about baby shower planning and reflects on how motherhood has changed Bethenny.

on Jul 29, 2010

It was so great to see Bethenny! She was indeed a different person, much more gentle, real, and less guarded. She had changed and it was so beautiful to see her and Bryn together. All the threats, all the sweats and all the tears leading up to the wedding no longer mattered. What mattered was Bryn. You have to understand when my nieces were Bryn's age I was away at college. I never had the honor of being the uncle that was there to see them grow, take their first step, lose their first tooth. I got home to visit when I could and the memories I have are amazing, but I missed that time with "my girls." So holding Bryn brought all that back to me. I wanted to savor that moment because all the wedding business (and the baby shower) suddenly all washed away. It was at that moment I realized what was important. It wasn't décor, it wasn't music and it certainly wasn't Red Velvet Cake. It was Bryn, so sweet and innocent. That's what mattered. I think like Bethenny and Jason, my priorities in life shifted a bit. And just as a side note - that little girl has killer legs - she is definitely her mommy's daughter!

So while I was planning, Max was entertaining us with his crazy situations all over again. One situation he asked for and another he didn't. When it comes to dating I'm lucky to be so far out the loop! I am happily with my partner of almost eight years. So I have no idea what is involved when asking someone out and I wouldn't even know where to begin. What I do know is that it should never be that awkward and the last time I checked the "wing man" (I never had one back in the day) didn't ask the person you like out for you. It was pretty uncomfortable to watch, but at the same time pretty darn cute. I truly do believe that Max is just so innocent that these situations are new to him. Experiencing them on TV is even more difficult. So if you had ask me what I thought, I would say under the circumstances he did a great job. Not A+, but not a C- either…he did a great job. Who knows someday he'll look back and laugh on this situation.

Now the meeting with Bethenny, Max and Robert Verdi, I have no comment on that. I actually do, but my mother always told me, "If you have nothing nice to say about someone, don’t say it." What I will say is that I was happy to see Max stand up for himself and Bethenny defended Max. Let's just leave it at that…anything more and it will be a couple of "queens" slinging mud at each other. Pretty guys, ugly story!

Bethenny certainly has her hands full with Bryn and her career. Seeing her as a mom makes me shake my head in amazement…how does she continue to do the things she does, how does she balance everything she's doing and still find the time to spend with Jason and Bryn? How does she not snap? I don't know and I don't think any of us know.

What I do know is that I truly wish her all the best…to her, my mom, my sister and all the moms out there, I raise my glass (of Skinnygirl Margarita) and say "You're fabulous"!