Shawn Rabideau

Shawn gives a behind-the-scenes look at Bethenny's wedding day, with more on the pee bucket incident!

on Jul 8, 2010

I know Bethenny could think of nothing other than the cake so when we got the cake cutting ceremony on the road I was flipping nervous. I was freaking out that she would hate it and I know Bethenny would have no issue calling me out if she didn’t like it. So, it was the moment of truth. She cut the cake, she raised the fork to her lips and when I saw her eyes roll back in her head I knew I got it right.

After that moment nothing else mattered! Not the "animals" in the pool, not the rain outside, not the fact that Cookie tried to maul me two times ... nothing!

I knew at that moment I succeeded in doing what I set out to do. I knew that I accomplished the impossible ... I had planned a wedding in four weeks for Bethenny Frankel. In her own words I had exceeded her expectations! There is no better reward than that.

My life is full, my life is complete and I could go to bed knowing that what I did in four short weeks had an influence on Bethenny and Jason’s life. I was a part of making their dreams come true and seeing two people in love and knowing I had a part in that, which is the biggest reward of them all.

Congratulations Bethenny and Jason – may your lives be filled with nothing but pure joy, love and happiness! Thank you for allowing me to take the journey with you and thank you for pushing my limits. I am a stronger person and a better planner because of this experience. Thank you!