Shawn Rabideau

Shawn talks cake drama, being Bethenny's therapist, and his long-lost twin!

on Jul 2, 2010


The cake, the cake, the cake ... Bethenny was stuck on the damn cake! If it wasn’t one obsession it was another; the tides changed from the Four Seasons to the cake - a specific Red Velvet Cake with a specific frosting. It had to be THAT cake and it had to taste like her favorite cake from her favorite bakery. The problem was that the bakery she loved only did one wedding cake per weekend (they were booked), and they didn’t work with fondant, another strike. We had one week until the wedding and my check list wasn’t getting shorter, it was getting longer.

As her planner it was my job to provide exactly what she wanted. I had no issues doing that. However, the problem was that I was working close to 18-hour days trying to get all the other details organized and finalized, which left little to no time to run to the bakery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to taste her favorite cake. It wasn’t like we were saving puppies in Rwanda!

Regardless of how I felt I knew deep down that I had to get this right, so I trekked up to UES (with my passport) because if I didn’t she would rip the "fruits and veggie off my body!" No way was I willing to sacrifice my "produce section" so she could feed Cookie's hunger for my blood!

Yes, I know NYC is filled with hundreds of bakeries and amazing cake designers. But not all of them do Red Velvet Cake and not all of them decorate a cake the way Bethenny wanted. Oh and did I mention not everyone was available? That’s what you get when you plan a wedding in four weeks.

When everyone else said no, Anne Heap, owner of the Pink Cake Box, said yes. Having worked with her before I knew she would do a great job. She was doing me a huge favor because they were already maxed out on the weekend of Bethenny and Jason’s wedding. When I arrived for the tasting Anne was prepared like a Girl Scout with drawings and samples for me to taste, one of which was Anne’s traditional Red Velvet Cake.

This might be hard to believe, but I know and love Red Velvet Cake! I knew what Bethenny was talking about when she said she wanted a specific kind of Red Velvet Cake. Not all Red Velvet Cakes are the same, just like not all apple pies are the same. So after tasting Anne’s version of Red Velvet Cake, I was almost sure that I had struck gold. But there was no way to tell if Bethenny and Jason would like the cake and I wouldn’t know until the wedding day. No pressure there...
So with the fear of Bethenny in me I was onward and upward, my next stop pulling together the floral / decor demo. Some of you may not know this, but my company not only plans weddings, we design them as well. So when it came to the flowers for the demo I made sure I personally designed the floral arrangements.