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Baby On the Way

Julie talks about the scene back home at Bethenny HQ while the honeymooners were away.


I was SO happy that Bethenny and Jason were on their honeymoon. Happy for them, happy for me, happy for Max and really happy for Shawn. I did get to relax a little while they were gone. I went home to Pittsburgh to visit my family and boyfriend, which was relaxing and fun. However, I knew that the game had changed. The wedding was over, and it was time for Jason and Bethenny to prepare for the baby.

I tried to organize the office and apartment and all the wedding gifts while they were gone. Max was a huge help during this time period; he ran errands and helped me with any task I gave him. We also prepared to relaunch Bethenny's website in the few weeks Bethenny and Jason were gone. Max was a huge help in organizing and scanning Bethenny's recipes and other content we needed for the site. The site looks amazing and you should all check it out -

Chuck is my new best friend. He saved me a million headaches and so much time in helping Bethenny put together the entire nursery. The shopping and planning that went into the baby's room was extensive and he was in charge. All roads led to Chuck in the baby nursery planning area - and that made me very happy and able to focus on Bethenny's businesses and schedule.

Comming up next week - the labor and delivery! I can't wait for you to watch what happens. Let's just say pregnant Bethenny is in full force!