100 People Show How They Kiss and Get Filmed Making Out With A Glass Wall

It gets more ridiculous as it goes along. 

An experiment wherein 100 brave people demonstrate on glass how they kiss and it was compiled for a YouTube video that is frightening and sweet all at once. 

“We asked 100 people to show us how they kiss,” said the video. 

As people laugh, they begin to lean in to the glass, eyes closed, and make out like they would a human. It gets funnier and funner and men and women of all ages tongue the glass down while trying not to look ridiculous. 

As the first comment describes, the glass was clean. “To those who are wondering: yes, they are all kissing the same piece of glass and yes, we disinfected it between each person.,” it said. 

One viewer wrote, “This is so uncomfortable to watch,” while another asked, “What did I just watch?”

“Humans. Earth's weirdest creatures.,” wrote another. 

“Did you ask the glass for consent,” asked another. 

One commenter wrote, “People came in straight with the tongue action lol,” with another saying, “I can't decide whether to cringe or laugh.”

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