20 Stunning Photos of American Places That Will Ignite Your Patriotism (and Wanderlust)

Land of the free, home of the brave, nation of breathtaking sights.

From sea to shining sea, America is filled with a diversity of natural landscapes and thrilling cultural landmarks unrivaled anywhere else on earth. To inspire a bit of domestic wanderlust — or just to make you feel all patriotic at your desk — scroll through this sampling of some of the nation's greatest places to see.

1.  Yosemite

This National Park is a mighty icon of our beautiful state of California.

2.  Yellowstone

The Wild West is here to stay in the glorious Yellowstone National Park.

3.  The Grand Canyon

This epic landscape will forever help visitors put things in perspective.

4.  Mount Rushmore

An homage to our nation’s leaders, still standing proudly today.

5.  Washington Monument

Built to honor our first president, this landmark continues to inspire patriotism.

6.  Florida Keys

The U.S.A. offers all kinds of diverse landscapes and experiences — the perfectly teal waters and white sands of the Florida Keys is just one of them.

7.  Lake Superior

This massive freshwater lake is the ocean of the North, a pristine and quiet refuge for those near its waters.

8.  Niagara Falls

This gorgeous waterfall is an attraction that moves visitors from around the world — and for good reason.

9.  Statue of Liberty

This NYC symbol of independence and peace is truly one of a kind.

10.  Oregon Coast

Dramatic and inspiring, the Oregon Coast is an especially magical American destination.

11.  White Sands National Monument

As the largest gypsum crystal dune field on the planet, White Sands National Monument provides a spectacular glimpse into the treasure of the New Mexico desert.

12.  Freedom Tower

A defiant expression of our freedom and resilience, the Freedom Tower embodies the American spirit.

13.  Colorado Rocky Mountains

Lakes mirroring the snowcapped mountains that surround them, wildflowers as far as the eye can see, and endless opportunities for outdoors activities are just part of the reason why we’re lucky to have the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

14.  Maine’s Coast

More remote than most other areas of New England, Maine’s coast is one for the picture books.

15.  Hawaii's Big Island

Surreal scenes are Hawaii’s signature, but the Big Island might just take the cake for sheer beauty and intrigue.

16.  Blue Ridge Mountains


17.  Alaska

Our largest and wildest far north state is magnificent. Home to our tallest mountains, Alaska greatly contributes to our varied landscape.

18.  Cascade Mountains


19.  Louisiana Bayou

This swampy region of the south is unlike no other place.

20.  Route 66

For an all-American road trip, Route 66 provides a legendary path.

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