2016 Was the Year We Officially Declared Love Dead

The celebrity breakups kept coming this year -- and broke our heart each time.

RIP LOVE: Beginning of time - 2016.

We're here to say it, this was the year that romance, soul mates, true love, whatever you want to call it, finally deiced to go kaput. Every major celebrity couple -- yes, we're looking at you Brangelina (especially you Brad and Angelina) -- did the unthinkable and consciously uncoupled. Actually, it was harsher than that. They just plain split up. Broke up. Went their separate ways for the rest of eternity.

2016 was such a major year for celebrity splits that we're sure it was an incredibly difficult time for the romantics of the world to actually truly believe that love is real. Because, let's face it, if Liev and Naomi, Joshua and Diane, or Taylor Swift and whatever current hottie that she's jet setting with at this very moment, can't make it work, then, really, who can? Certainly not us mere mortals.

So, let's remember those heartbreaking splits one more time by reflecting on them in the video, above. And, try not to cry, OK?

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