10,000 People Showed Up to the World’s Largest Halloween Dog Parade

...and hundreds of dogs in creative costumes.

Christmas can wait because last Saturday was already the most wonderful day of the year: the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Imagine a regular-sized park filled with hundreds of dogs in costumes, in some cases accompanied by people in complementary costumes, and surrounded by literally thousands of people with cameras to capture this moment.

This was the 27th (!) year for the world’s largest Halloween dog parade which takes place in New York City’s first dog run which opened back in 1990. Crowds this year were rumored to have neared 10,000 (!!).

What we love about this event — in addition to all the cute doggos in costume — is the charitable aspect. This year the event organizers asked people to bring along hurricane relief supplies, or donate online to The Sato Project, a non-profit that helps homeless dogs in Puerto Rico.

And, while it's impossible for us to name a winner, we've chosen a few of our favorites down below. 


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