These Adorable Animal Lattes Are Here to Bring Your Daily Dose of Cuteness

So foamy and fluffy, we want to adopt them all. 

We've seen all kinds of over-the-top drinks lately: rainbow lattes, unicorn hot chocolate, freakshakes, and more. And the dog foam latte art is seriously impressive.

But now the latte art is going one step—or rather, one dimension—further. Check out these 3D latte animals that are taking Instagram by storm.

What do you call an owl that's a magician? HOOTdini

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What's fun about these foam-tastic creatures is not just that they're three-dimensional. They're meant to wiggle when you gently shake the cup, making them extra adorable (just look at this jiggly cutie):

One such #3Dlatteart creator, Singapore-based Daphne Tan, was inspired to start playing around with foam while researching coffee for a school project (she's only 17!). "I was curious about how foam was created for lattes/cappuccinos and searched online for ways to do it at home. Through my research, I discovered 3D latte art," she explained in an email to The Feast. "I was experimenting with a french press and the microwave one day and found a method to create stable foam to make 3D art on top of my cups. But now, I use the Aeroccino 4 to create the foam!"

when your inspiration comes from a soft toy in someone's car

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Tan uses all-natural food coloring along with a mix of carob powder and water to draw on and color the foam. "For the coffee itself, I just use my Nespresso machine and froth soy milk in the milk frother," she added.

my latte turned into a latte souffle??????

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Sounds easy enough, right? Tan said it took her only about three attempts to shape her first foam creation, and each work of 3D art now takes her just 10 to 15 minutes. You can watch her process here:

The 10min process shortened to one!

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So if you want to up the cuteness factor on your daily latte, whip out the frother and get some 3D critter inspo below.

how i feel about the past week, the tgif is real

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a shocking turn of events: no wobbling video today.

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