5 Curious Things Justin Bieber Did on His Hawaiian Vacay Other Than Show His Junk

He lived up to his scandalous travel reputation.

You may have heard by now that Justin Bieber and his girl got naked in a waterfall together in Hawaii while paparazzi watched. It was kind of a big thing, because he showed off his stuff (again), and then his own dad commented on it, and then Seth Rogen weighed in — it was a lot. But that's not all the superstar did on vacation. Here are five more activities he enjoyed:

1.  Share strategic selfies

Like the Kardashians and the world's top supermodels, Bieber knows what makes an engaging Instagram photo these days. That's why he posed, all straight faced, in a flamingo raft. It’s a step down from the white swan — the regal queen of floaties — but a huge step up from the pizza slice. Typically, he averages about 1.6 million likes on an Instagram photo — but this pic pulled in 2.2 million. He is a professional, and this is quantifiable proof that floaties are Instagram gold.

Swany cakes

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2.  Fly by helicopter

Yes, the Biebs rented a helicopter for his friends. Because what kind of a savage would just travel by taxi? He arranged for a private helicopter come to the house when the squad wanted to go somewhere. The group of girls he had hanging around seemed to be pretty into it too.


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3.  Fill his pool with hot chicks

He must have looked out on the landscape of white bikinis and thought, "Wow, this is pretty epic," because he decided to take a video. We can understand why he’d want to remember this moment. He is also not known for extreme subtlety. 

4.  Rent a $10,000-per-night villa

The sum of $10,000 might not feel like much to Bieber. He had to have a place with the essentials: a pool with a waterslide for his girls, and a helipad for his humble transportation. The house, Rainbow Falls, is next to a double waterfall and People mag says it’s worth a cool $26.5 million. It has an Olympic-sized salt water infinity swimming pool. And it was the perfect playground for rumored girlfriend Sahara Ray and her friends.

Island vibes 🌺🌴🐬in @sahararayswim 🤘🏻 Love you all💙 Snapchat -SaharaRay

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5.  Go on a dolphin tour...

...but he chose a different view for the experience than most tourists in search of sea life. While his crew looked out to sea on their quest to spot dolphins from their boat, Justin looked straight ahead. Bikini-clad bottoms top dolphins in Bieber's world. 

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