5 Epic Victoria's Secret Shoot Locations Hotter Than the Models

Not for nothing, Angels, but we’d take Bora Bora over bod.

Who among us hasn't swooned over the beachy backdrops in Victoria's Secret catalogues as if they were travel brochures for the world's most luxurious and exotic places? (Oh right, they feature those bombshell models too.) Here are a few of our absolute favorite locations from the lingerie company's epic shoots.

1.  Turks & Caicos

This Caribbean paradise is a natural setting for a Victoria’s Secret shoot. Comprised of two island groups that sit in the middle of a warm and teal-colored portion of the sea, Turks & Caicos has plenty of beach space and a chill vibe to enhance any getaway. If you make the trip to Turks & Caicos, be sure to check out Grace Bay for a perfect shore and take some time to go snorkeling.

2.  St. Bart’s

St. Bart’s is a French West Indies volcanic Caribbean island, perfect for bikini flaunting and white sand frolicking. This French-speaking tropical getaway provides the perfect mix of sophistication and relaxation. High-end restaurants, posh hotels, and chic shopping options adorn the island while a laid-back relaxing atmosphere prevails. When you’re not hanging out in the towns, be sure to soak in a natural pool on the Toiny Coast and make the hike to Colombier Beach.

3.  Bora Bora

Across the globe in Bora Bora, Victoria’s Secret Angels have shot photos in spectacular scenes. A part of French Polynesia, this far-flung destination is dotted with over-water bungalows, which are an idyllic backdrop for a retreat from everyday life. While in Bora Bora, be sure to go on an excursion to feed the sharks and rays!

4.  Puerto Rico

When talking Puerto Rican beaches, the babes of Victoria’s Secret have been there and very awesomely done that. The Angels were all over the country during their shoot for the 2015 swim collection, but their beach locations were especially stunning. If you want to hit the same sand they did, make sure to head to the islands of Palomino and Vieques. You’ll find unbelievably picturesque scenes in both locations... and wild horses run free in Vieques!

5.  Florida Keys

When Miranda Kerr did her Victoria’s Secret cotton lingerie shoot, she brought up a good point in a video about the Florida Keys: It feels like a Caribbean island even though it’s still a part of Florida. For a quick but glamorous getaway, hop on over and take in the soothing tropical waves that were the backdrop for this shoot. When in the Keys, be sure to check out the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory for a beautiful indoor experience to pair against the rest of your outdoor experiences in the area. 

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