5 Instagram Travel Photography Tips from a Woman Who Gets Paid to Fly in Style

Major job envy.

Our Instagram feeds are things of beauty. They're filled with images from the world's most fashionable travel couple, not to mention drool-worthy snaps from a couple of very cute adventurers — including a pink balloon and a plush llama. But there's always room for more wanderlust-inspiring accounts to stalk — and here's the latest one we're obsessed with.

Amy Bartholomew is an Aussie who, like us, is obsessed with Instagram. But unlike the platform's average user — even the ones who claim to be serious travel types — she's logged more than 200 flights from Dubai, and gone to London dozens of times as a flight attendant.

On top of that, Bartholomew and four colleagues were chosen from among more than 20,000 cabin crew to represent the airline as one of the five official Emirates' Instagram ambassadors. So she documents all of her glam travels as part of her job — in the most stunning images.

The dunes of Dubai 🇦🇪

A photo posted by Amy Bartholomew (@amybartholomew) on

It truly looks like she loves her work — which officially includes answering your travel-related questions. (Now you know where to go to plan your holiday!)

Believe it or not, before her career took off (ahem), she was actually apprehensive about traveling by herself: "I am so glad that over these four years I have been able to overcome that fear, gain a lot more confidence, and master the art of solo travel."

Maldives memories 🏖🔆 Can we please go back to this paradise @eddymc1991 #throwbackthursday

A photo posted by Amy Bartholomew (@amybartholomew) on

Bartholomew tells Jet Set she can't get enough of all the fresh food in Italy; believes the Emirates First Class private suite, fine dining and Shower Spa onboard the A380 is the definition of luxury that truly brings back the golden age of travel; and finds business-class flyers are much more sociable with each other, especially on the the Emirates Onboard Lounge.

By the way? Her father's a retired wedding photographer, so it's in Bartholomew's blood to try for that perfect shot. Here are some of her top Instagram tips.

1.  Make sure you have adequate lighting for your snap.

2.  Use hashtags to get noticed.

Not only do people searching for similar interests discover your photo through its hashtags, bigger accounts with more followers may just repost so you gain more exposure.

3.  Tag people to gain exposure and receive more engagement.

4.  Add location tags to all of your photos.

"When I am looking for things to do in a new city, I search using the places tab on Instagram," she says. "This brings up every single photo ever taken in that location. If you tag the right location it will show up where it should!"

5.  Don't limit yourself to Instagram's in-app filters.

Try editing your photos with an external app to make your photo more appealing. Her favorites are Photoshop Express and Snapseed.

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