5 Stunning Open-Air Hotel Rooms for Communing With Nature in Pure Luxury

You definitely won't miss walls.

The ultra-minimalist Swiss Hotel Null Stern just made the news when it opened, high up in the Swiss Graubünden mountains. Not your normal mountain retreat, this hotel, made up of just one room, has no walls or a roof. What guests lose in privacy, or comfort (the nearest public bathroom is 10 minutes away), they gain in spectacular uninterrupted views — not to mention butler service.

The hotel is the latest Null Stern project by Swiss conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin — along with Daniel Charbonnier — who together opened their first hotel in a disused nuclear bunker in 2008.

This is far from the first hotel to use the open-air concept, however. Let's take a look at a few more awesome, high-concept hotel rooms without walls.

1.  W Hotel New York

Given the near-unbearably hot nature of summer in New York City, it takes a very special hotel to convince us to shun lovely air conditioning for a night in the humid city air. W New York fits the bill, though, with its colorful Outdoor Glamping Suite, complete with a 12-foot yurt, glowing lanterns, and fire pit.

2.  Bangkok Tree House

With an ethos modeled on Henry David Thoreau's Walden, Bangkok Tree House encourages guests to get in touch with their natural surroundings. To that end they offer the View With a Room, in which guests sleep 23 feet up in the air, with only mangrove palm trees as walls.

3.  Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya

At Loisaba Conservancy, Starbeds, handcrafted four-poster beds on wheels, are rolled out onto raised wooden platforms so that guests can sleep under the star-dappled night sky. On this 60,000-acre private reserve, you won't have to worry about privacy — just the resident family of hippos.

4.  Lion Sands, South Africa

Adjacent to Kruger National Park, you can be sure of some exciting wildlife spotting from the Tinyeleti Treehouse — which aptly translates to "many stars" — at Lion Sands. Resident critters include lions and jackals (at a safe distance), elephants, and hippos, oh my!

5.  Albereta, Italy

Facing the gorgeous Lake Iseo, and surrounded by vineyards, Albereta's Cabriolet Suite unique offers a retractable roof with just the touch of a button, allowing guests to spend a night under the stars. Try, if you can, to reserve for the annual August meteor shower, known locally as the "Tears of San Lorenzo."

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