5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Wants Tons Of Merry Christmas Cards From Strangers

Go ahead, send the kid a card. 

All this five-year-old wants for Christmas is a Christmas card.

Forget the toys, one young cancer patient named Hayden Drake, from Greenville, N.C., who learned over the summer he had leukemia and days later he began chemotherapy, is asking for some love from strangers. 

His mom says he simply loves getting mail—and the cards have started trickling in. Summer Avery told local new station WITN that within days of learning his diagnosis, Hayden started treatment. Since he mainly stays home to recover because he gets so tired, trips to the mailbox became an adventure. So the family asked on Facebook for people to send him cards.

"Yesterday he got five cards in the mail and he does this little happy dance the whole time we were reading the cards," Summer said.

Hayden is in remission now, but has to continue treatment at Vidant Medical Center for the next three years.

If you want to send Hayden a card this Christmas, his address is 1637 Lum Buck Road, Greenville, NC 27858.





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