6 Steps For "Having It All" In Your Work-Life Balance

It can be so much easier if you're aware of how to not get overwhelmed. 

For working women who have a life outside of work—and often have kids as well—you wonder, how do they honestly juggle it all?

Women-focused workplace site Sharp Heelshas some great advice on what working women can do to really “have it all.”

1.  Set boundaries at work

Set boundaries for what works for you. Be open about it…conversely, be conscious of overextending yourself in your outside commitments.”

If you have children and are active in their school and activities let people know exactly what you can commit to.

2.  Take adult timeouts

“When you’re caught in the grind of dropping off kids, running a board meeting, going back home and helping with homework, organizing soccer practice pickups, etc., you can find yourself doing so much back and forth that you tire yourself out—and then you’re not happy. You need to dedicate time to building yourself and commit to alone time in order to stay balanced. We spend so much time making time for others, we have to make time for ourselves. It feels as though everyone is taking turns. When is it going to be your turn?”

An adult timeout can involve an extra 15 minutes on your drive to decompress or taking a few minutes alone at home just to yourself. 

3.  Find what gives you energy

Understand what gives you energy and what drains you.

“Understanding your energy pattern helps you know when to walk away and give yourself a timeout, or when you’re in your flow…Knowing yourself well and what gives you that energy also helps you figure out what kind of support system you need and how much alone time is best for you.”

4.  Hold your partner accountable

“In many cases, roles may switch over the course of your relationship. For example, if a woman gave her husband a chance to grow in his career, it may be her turn later on. Negotiate this with your partner to ensure you’re each meeting each other’s needs and expectations around family and work.  Set boundaries at home as you do at work.”

5.  Keep accelerating

“The more you accelerate, the more you’re able to set boundaries. Why? Because the more you progress in your career, the better your chances of being in a position of leadership where you set the example, the culture, and the boundaries that allow you to do what you need to do to take care of yourself at work and home.”

6.  Find a support network

“As life gets busier at home and at work, you get to a point where you need to rely on your community and let things go. The more you welcome that into your life, the more that you create a network of people who become an extension of you— and you can reciprocate for others, which can also be fulfilling.”

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