7 Totally Tricked-Out RVs for Road Tripping Like a Boss

Luxury on wheels.

There's nothing like the feeling of hitting the open highway on a road trip... but the idea of being cramped in a car for hours on end doesn't appeal to everybody. Enter: luxury RVs. Procure one of these bad boys and you’ll be off to see the best the country has to offer travelers without having to worry about hotel bookings. Shower, cook, kick back, and relax — all of it — while you travel in one of these posh options.

1.  Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire is shiny and plush, exquisite and roomy. With stainless steel kitchen appliances (and even a cool modern kitchen backsplash), this isn’t your grandma’s RV. The shower is pebbled with a glass enclosure and the sink basins are just as upscale. Every detail of this coach has been meticulously thought through so you can focus on enjoying your trip instead of figuring out where the next decent bathroom is.

2.  Tiffin Motors Zephyr

The Tiffin Motors Zephyr is essentially everything you’d want in an awesome penthouse suite wrapped up into a motor home. You can customize everything from the carpet and tiles to the countertops and pillows. Details like handcrafted curved cabinetry and rooftop solar panels make this home-on-the-road choice stand out against the rest. 

3.  Entegra Coach Cornerstone

If RVs were liquor, the Entegra Coach Cornerstone would be the cognac. Smooth and distinguished, this coach brings a den-like quality to the world of luxe campers. Features include an electric fireplace, a full-size stainless steel refrigerator, a TEMPUR-cloud bed, flat screen TVs, and a glass shower.

4.  Featherlite Vantare

If you like the look of crisp wood floors, you’ll love the Featherlite Vantare. Not only does it feature sleek flooring, but it’s tall, and offers sliding room configurations.

5.  Monacco Dynasty

The Monacco Dynasty will have you hitting the road like royalty. From a washer and dryer to full-size refrigerator and super comfy bed on site, this standby brand is trusted for a reason. The finer details, like a well-appointed tile backsplash in the kitchen and ample storage space throughout, make this motor home even more worth it.

6.  Marchi Mobile Palazzo Superior

Marchi Mobile’s element Palazzo Superior is a top-of-the-line modern RV. From a retractable roof walk way to the same kind of bed the British royal family uses, this coach not only stands out, but it crosses into territory few other motorhomes do.

7.  Prevost Country Coach

“Where leisure meets luxury” is the Prevost slogan for this vacation-maker — and you can just take one look at those sleek lines and limo-like running lights to see it’s suitable!

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