7 Vintage Photos From Inside Air Force One That Will Make You Nostalgic

Take the sting out of this year's crazy election cycle by flashing back to simpler times...

Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? With the presidential election just weeks away now, the voters will soon determine who will step out of Air Force One for the next few years. 

While we muscle through these waning days of mudslinging, let's enjoy these vintage Air Force One photos to glance back in time (even in very recent history) to simpler days — when at least there was an unflagging veneer of professionalism and pageantry associated with the office of the presidency. 


First Lady Lady Bird Johnson and her social secretary, Bess Abell, powwowed en route to Johnson's Texas home.


President Ford posed with Candice Bergen, who was on a photo assignment for Ladies' Home Journal in Atlanta. A crowd of 60 photographers had exclusive access to Ford during his time in office, but Bergen created the biggest buzz. She was also the first female photographer to shoot a behind-the-scenes story on an American president.


President Ronald Reagan talked to one of his aides onboard Air Force One in Texas during his re-election campaign.


President Bill Clinton met with Federal Emergency Management Administration Director James Lee Witt met with a delegation from North and South Dakota on the way to Grand Forks Air Force Base in Grand Forks, North Dakota where the POTUS toured the flooded town of by helicopter. It was the worst flooding the area had ever seen.


George W. Bush was interviewed by ABC News anchor Charles Gibson while flying to Atlanta. He was on the way to give a speech detailing his administration's progress in the war on terror.


Exhibit curator James Warlick sat in an interior replica of Air Force One outside Invesco Field in Denver, site of the finale of the Democratic National Convention. The airplane section was part of the American Presidential Experience Exhibit, which was open to the public outside the stadium where Obama gave his acceptance speech as Democratic nominee on the last night of the convention. The airplane fuselage was cut from the Boeing 729, which carried John Kerry during his failed 2004 bid for the presidency.


President Barack Obama conferred with aides en route to Singapore. Obama made an official nine-day, four-nation, Asia tour during which he visited Japan and attended the APEC Summit in Singapore before heading to China and South Korea.

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