80-Year-Old Becomes a Bride for the First Time After Finding Her True Love

Sometimes your soul mate comes a little later. 

Sometimes, finding “the one” takes some time. In the case of Maria Teresa Cobar, it took 80 years

Maria met 95-year-old Carlos Victor Suarez at the Aventura Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Miami less than a year ago, and it was love at first sight. 

“When I saw her my heart filled with joy,” Carlos told the Miami Herald. Initially the two spent some time together every day, and quickly realized they were falling in love. 

Eight months later, Maria married Carlos, her first and only wedding throughout her lifetime. 

Friends and family, along wit the nursing center’s staff gathered in the ballroom of the nursing center for the ceremony. 

“Maria has never been married, I just think back to when I got married and that's what motivated me to make everything possible for them,” Aventura Plaza's activities coordinator, Allison Almirola says. “I wanted her to experience the beautiful feeling of marrying your soul mate.”

Maria has a daughter, who was thrilled to be part of the celebration. Her mom worked to support her as a single mother after moving to the United States from Guatemala at 26-years-old. 

“My mom never worried about looking for a husband, I was her priority her entire life,” Ana Cobar says. “The day finally has come and I'm so happy for her, she deserves this.”

The couple is moving on up to a Honeymoon Suite at their nursing center. 

“I’ve been lonely for many years, this is a great blessing from God,” Maria said. “It is never too late to find love.”

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