Ever Wish You Could Get an Awesome Dinner Delivered as Quickly as You Can Uber a Car?

Uber's new food app wants to save you from that greasy takeout joint down the street. 

In case you've ever found yourself saying "I wish I could Uber my dinner," guess what: Now you can. At least that's the idea behind the new UberEATS app. The company, whose name became a verb almost as soon as its ride-sharing app debuted, is aiming to do for dinner delivery what it's done for on-demand transportation. With the launch of UberEATS, the plan is that you can now conjure up meals from popular local restaurants in your city—and you're not stuck with the (often lame) choices in your immediate neighborhood.

UberEATS has its own standalone app (you have to download it instead of the regular Uber to order food), and it's kicking off in a handful of cities to start with: L.A., San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. And while more and more apps from DoorDash to Caviar to Seamless are trying to expand the range of restaurants you can choose from beyond the usual small radius, UberEATS is promising something its competitors so far don't: lightning-fast delivery.

How? If you order dishes on the Instant Delivery menu—i.e. dishes that local restaurants prep ahead of time specifically for UberEATS customers—you can skip the usual wait time and the driver can just fly (well, drive) right to your door. (Note: The Instant Delivery option has been suspended for the time being in New York City, although you can use the regular UberEATS menus there.) Curious what you'll be getting if you give the app a test-drive? Here's a quick look at some of the signature dishes around the country:

The Holy Trinity plate (brisket, house-made sausage and pork spare ribs) at Freedmen's in Austin:

The Parmesan-crusted chicken breast with bacon lardons and fried egg at Murphy's in Atlanta:

The Shellfish Combo at Maré in L.A.:

Now, if we could just order up some of these restaurants' signature cocktails too...



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