A Pet Parrot Outed One Husband Who Was Cheating With the Housekeeper

Polly sees a cheater. 

This guy’s parrot was his downfall

A man’s pet parrot told a Kuwaiti woman her husband was cheating on her with their housekeeper.

The bird began chirping flirty phrases the man had never used on his wife, and she’d already been suspicious he’d been cheating, the Arab Times Online reported. Whenever she popped home early from work, the guy would behave oddly. 

The woman then used the bird as hard proof after calling the cops on her husband—in Kuwait he could land in jail for his offenses because adultery is illegal there. 

Luckily for the man, the police said the parrot’s claims wouldn’t hold up in court.

Parrots have squealed on their cheating owners before. In 2006, a parrot named Ziggy revealed to his owner, Chris Taylor, that his girlfriend, Suzy Collins, had been unfaithful. So he got cuckolded or Cuckhoolded. 

Wondering why his bird was chirping “I love you Gary” around the house, the husband discovered his wife was sleeping with her ex-work colleague, named, you guessed it, “Gary,” for four months in the couple’s apartment. The bird, Ziggy, also shouted “Hiya Gary,” every time the wife answered her phone. That hubby dumped both his wife and the bird, who he gave away because it was “torture” hearing him sing Gary all day long.

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